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How to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn the right way?

Are recommendations an outdated practice? If it comes to paper recommendations – then maybe. However, when we talk about LinkedIn, the answer is “No, they are still extremely relevant”. Year after year, more employers are looking for new hires on this social network. Today, LinkedIn recommendations have almost replaced their traditional paper analogs. That is why they are worth discussing them in this article.

A recommendation on LinkedIn: what is this?

In spite of the fact that now few jobseekers submit paper recommendations when applying for a new job, LinkedIn recommendations become more popular day after day. Partially that is because of their advantages mentioned below.

As you can see, LinkedIn recommendations meet all needs of modern society with its social networks and other means of communication. That is probably the main reason for their popularity and a great motivation for asking your contacts to write you at least one recommendation.

Who can give me a recommendation?

As already mentioned above, in LinkedIn any user can leave a recommendation on your page. However, the value of these recommendations can be different. Let’s look at the main types of recommendations you can get on LinkedIn, describing their advantages and disadvantages.


As you can see, you have to consider many important aspects when asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn. First of all, you should choose a person whose opinion on you is worth reading it. Remember that recruiters prefer to read recommendations from your previous employers. After that just write a message to this person and ask him/her for a recommendation. Don’t follow up this person if you did not get an answer. Especially, if he or she is your former or current supervisor. If someone does not want to write you a recommendation, don’t be annoying.