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My Experience and Career Story

My name is Philip Carter. I help other people see and develop their talents. I am a Career Couch/Consultant. I train, consult, develop, support, and inspire in all career-related issues.

My own experience and the experience of my customers has taught me that looking for your way and finding it is not a simple issue.

How my way began:

First, my wise mother has organized my first work at a long-distance telephone station. It was somewhat similar to the work of a call-center operator. I love and skillfully build communication (including phone conversations) since that day. After that, I studied psychology at high school. That period of my life raised my interest to everything related to human been, its value, and realization.

And further ... I study and practice while honing:

The ability to listen and hear other people.

The ability everyone’s uniqueness.

The ability to find the job of your dream.